Our Core Services

Six Major Advantages
Trusted by 1000+ leading companies across all industries.
10+ Years Of Experience
Growing work force, low turn-over, experienced, committed to superior user experience.
Punctuality Rate Of 99.98%
Strict end-to-end service process control, attention to detail, 5-minute response time, arrival on site in 30 minutes at fastest, RMB 200 penalty per (rare) delay.
20+ Years Of Zero IT Security Incidents
Secure services through strict adherence to IT security management systems and protocols, non-disclosure agreements, and monthly employee training.
1000+ Clients
Providing customized services and creating value for our clients is our mission.
500+ Full-Time Engineers
Multilingual, reliable, and resourceful engineers with experience at IBM, HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.
20+ Years Of Industry Experience
Serving clients in high-tech, finance, real estate, manufacturing, foreign trade, consulting, advertising, healthcare, education, and services.

About Linemore
Cooperative Partner
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